Attitude Shayari | Latest Attitude Status | Best Attitude Lines

Attitude Shayari | Latest Attitude Status | Best Attitude LInes

Hello Friends We have published here lot of latest attitude shayari and attitude lines, Do you know true lovers always finding shayaris on internet for lovers, That’s why we make a beautiful blog for you. Shayariz we have lot of collection attitude shayari, attitude status,our work is providing best and new content for true lovers and friends.Best way To feel jealous your girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband, and friends,through our attitude shayari, attitude lines, Attitude Shayari in hindi, all attitude shayari for you if you like to read more our best shayaris collection goto categories to read. thank you..

Attitude Shayari
Attitude Shayari

Dushman Attitude Status

Ye Ghamand  Nahi Hai
Mere Dost Ye Hamara Shoukh Hai
Kyu Ki Zindagi Bohat Choti Hai..

ये घमंड  नहीं है 

मेरे दोस्त ये हमारा शौख है 
क्यों की ज़िन्दगी बोहत छोटी है..

Sunle Mere Bacche
Hamse Ulajhna Bohat 

Asann Hai Per Uske Baad 
Tera Hi Nuksaan Hai..
सुनले मेरे बच्चे 

हमसे उलझना बोहत 
आसन्न है पैर उसके बाद 
तेरा ही नुक्सान है..

 Dhoke Bohat Mil Gaye Yar 
Ab Mauke Ki Talash Hai..

धोके बोहत मिल गए यार 

अब मौके की तलाश है..

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